Perfect Tides 2.0 for PC

Perfect Tides 2.0 for PC has now been released!

A long time in the making, this update to Perfect Tides includes controller/Deck support + Achievements!

-Overhauled UI system with new display windows for narration and speech
-Steam Achievements
-Computer IM conversations are now skippable at any time using the standard “skip” button/key, rather than a separate UI
-Active inventory cursors now have an arrow for easier clicking
-Skipping Cutscenes can now be enabled/disabled for both Mouse and Keyboard.

Please be aware that *YOUR OLD SAVES WILL NOT WORK* with this update! If you'd like to restore your saves from a previous version, you will have to downgrade to the previous release.

Mac users: Although we are planning a Mac release of this version, we are just not there yet. Stay tuned for updates on this as they are available.

As always, bug reports are appreciated! You can join the Perfect Tides Discord to make reports. Hope you enjoy!

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Oct 10, 2023

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